Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I tend to be a compulsive reader (and book buyer, da wife gets very scared when she sees me surfing, but recently I've been busy and I haven't been reading much. However, I just finished White Tiger and I loved it (the book also mentions the New Delhi market where I bought the book! By the way, buying books in India is fantastic).
In the meantime, the world entered in full Bolanomania. I haven't read 2666 (but Tyler Cowen recommends this book review which ends with: BolaƱo has joined the immortals.). However, I did read The Savage Detectives (no detectives in the book) and I have mixed feelings about it. I loved some parts of the book and found other parts very boring, and, yet, I have the feeling that the good parts wouldn't be so good without the boring parts. I also often think about the book (and I read it almost two years ago), so it must be a good book.
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