Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I’m sitting in Vienna’s airport on my way to New Delhi and I just realized that this was the only main European airport I had never visited. It’s nice, but what is the nicest main European airport? Well, surely not Paris. Charles de Gaulle is awful (this is sad because I really like Air France). While Munich is nice and very convenient, my vote goes to Amsterdam. Of course Schiphol is not as cool as Changi (which is the best airport in the world) but it’s very nice, it has a small Casino (not that I gamble), a small museum and, if you have a half day layover, you can visit Amsterdam and find whatever type of entertainment you might be looking for (of course, I mean this).

By the way, did you ever wonder why German airports have sex shops? What do people buy? Something to keep them busy during long flights? Next time I am in Munich or Frankfurt I’ll go in and ask.

What about airport names? Orange county picked the coolest airport name. Washington National and Houston, Texas picked the worst names. I took the Washington-Houston flight many times on my way to Mexico and flying from Reagan into Bush always looked like a nightmare (the only consolation is that the Houston Airport is named after Bush father). Of course, one could do worse. Imagine if one day the Rome-Milan flight will take you from the Giulio Andreotti to the Silvio Berlusconi Airport!
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