Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nobel predictions

Reuters says: Hansen/Sargent/Sims, or Feldstein, or Alchian/Demstez. All great economists on the conservative side.
Among the 3 groups, I would vote for Hansen/Sargent/Sims. I haven't read much Hansen (too difficult) but Sargent's papers are beautiful (even if I often feel like, so what?) and Sim's "Macroeconomics and Reality" is a true classic.
However, why is Sargent with Sims and not Lucas? Check out what Lucas said about Sims' relationship with Sargent: After Bob Lucas read Sargent (1984), he wrote me [Sargent] that "With friends like you, Chris [Sims] doesn't need enemies."
Of course, I would vote again, and again, and again for Akerlof, but Sargent does not think much of Berkeley economists.
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1 comment:

cosimo said...

Helpman Grossman if trade, Grossman Hart if micro, Hanson if econometrics (GMM stuff). The last is my favourite for this year. I totally agree on Akerlof.