Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Religion and education gender gap in Lebanon

My other Middle-East related papers are:
  • “Macroeconomic Policies in Egypt: An Interpretation of the Past and Options for the Future,” Journal of Development and Economic Policies (December, 2002). Download Working Paper
  •  “Fiscal Sustainability: Issues for Emerging Market Countries” (with A. Izquierdo) in A. El Galal and N. Ul. Haque (eds)Fiscal Sustainability in Emerging Markets: International Experience and Implications for EgyptAmericanUniversity in Cairo Press (2006). Download Working Paper
  •  “Poverty and Social Mobility in Lebanon: A Few Guesses.” (with M. El Khoury) Forum, Newsletter of the Economic Research Forum for the Arab Countries, Iran and Turkey8: 12- 13.  Not Available online
  •  “Education, Childbearing, and Female Labor Market Participation: Evidence from Lebanon,” (with M. Hajj) Journal of Development and Economic Policies (June, 2002). Not available online
  •  “Social Mobility and Religion. Evidence from Lebanon” (with M. El Khoury) Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion (Fall, 2005). Download Working Paper
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Sil Nadine said...

Uguito, when are we going to become more than just in laws? when are we going to become coauthors? :)