Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Top travel destinations for 2009

According to the NYT (thanks to Nada for sending). I have been to 15 out of 44. Dainlaws will be happy to see that Beirut is Nr 1 (Beirut is indeed wonderful, but please don't go there for the farmers' market, SiL Nadine loves it but you would be disappointed).
However, I don't really trust this ranking. Too many places in the US (10 out of 44, including Dallas and Buffalo!!!), only two in Italy, and only one in France (and it's not Paris, which should be included in any travel list in any time of the year in every year of the last 3 centuries). So, you really think that a Penn farm is better than Paris, or that Buffalo (nr 37) is just a little bit less interesting than the whole of India (Nr 35). Or Dallas better than Rome and the Florida Keys better than Cuba (as if they were even comparable). Las Vegas better than almost anything else!!! Gimme a break!
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