Monday, December 15, 2008

How to raise and talk to smart kids

Here, here (this is highly recommended, it will challenge your ideas on the role of self-esteem), and here. (Another article on the dangers of too much praise is here.)

I've not finished reading everything, but it seems that the secret is never telling them that they are achieving a lot because they are very smart. Instead, one should tell them that they are achieving a lot because they work hard.

I've always criticized my father for being stingy with compliments (the biggest compliment I've ever heard from him is: "that was OK") . Should I tell him that he was right all along? Woulnd't this be too much praise for him?
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1 comment:

M.G. said...

That's why Berlusconi is telling some Italians "coglioni" but at the same time to be optimistic!
It reminds me a father asking the psychologist, after a long debate about raising his kid: - Listen doctor, I have not understood anything of what you have just told me, but I have a question: May I beat my kid with the belt of my trousers?