Monday, August 18, 2008

Tyler Cowen on Chile

Both the post (here) and the comments are nice. The comment by Gannon reminded me of when two colleagues and I got so distracted from a bunch of students coming out from a Santiago high school that one of us was pickpocketed (it was not predatory distraction, just surprise. The pickpocketed person was a woman).

Another funny anecdote: a friend of mine (actually, the same one who was pickpocketed, but this was in another trip) was once sitting on a Santiago-Miami flight next to a very famous European economist. She asked the famous European economist what he thought of Chile and the reply was something like this: “Too rich to be interesting, too poor to be beautiful.”

On a more serious note, I agree with the post that Chile seems to be decoupling from the rest of Latin America. However, the comments show that Chileans think that they should do much better. I guess that here I should tell the story of what my Chilean friends thought about this article about Chilean minibuses, but I need to go to work.